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PURE PIAF is the gripping story of French chanteuse Edith Piaf, Paris' "Little Sparrow," her tumultuous rise to international stardom, her loves and her losses, all wrapped up in the beautiful music she brought to the world, enchanting the masses.


Set in New York City’s Versailles Club in the late 1940’s, PURE PIAF is a riveting and memorable one-woman theatrical experience. You will see why traffic stopped on the streets of Paris at the news of Piaf's death in 1963.


From an unknown street performer to the world’s highest paid singer, Piaf’s life as portrayed in PURE PIAF is a must-see entertainment experience. See and hear why each generation is touched by Piaf’s music in this intoxicating theatrical work.


PURE PIAF is intimate and interactive, presenting 16 world famous songs (including "La Vie En Rose", "Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien" and "Mon Dieu") in two acts. PURE PIAF sweeps audiences through a fast-paced, satisfying evening, performed by stellar songstress Britta Laree.


The most important message of PURE PIAF comes from Piaf herself: "Without love, life is empty. So, first of all in your lives, fall in love."  Experience the romance and joy of PURE PIAF, The Life and Music of Edith Piaf!


Performed By:  Britta Laree

Written By:  Alex Ryer

Musical Arrangements By:  Jeff Jenkins and Emily Fellner Zeig


Available for booking including 1 singer, 1 - 5 musicians.


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